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Info Fragment

Individual Project | 2021.05-2021.06

Installation Art


The installation resembles this era’s vast ways of obtaining information, yet it is disintegrated into fragments through diverse oline media, penetrating all aspectects of our lives.



The era of information fragmentation refers to the fact that people use online media to understand and read a larger amount of information and the content tends to be scattered than in the past. Complete information is broken down into information fragments by various classifications, which is the cause and significant manifestation of the information explosion. Its main feature is a large number of simplifications in the deduction process, which leads to incomplete information and incomplete internal logic.


1. Reading skills are declining 

“No patience to read a document that exceeds 15 pages”

“Most of time is spent on browsing social media, pictures & short- videos” “Scanning a lot of interesting materials without knowing what is gained from it” 


2Mind is easily distracted 


“Scanning social media while listening to a lecture”

“Juggling fack and forth between tasks”


“Attention is diverted by digital distractions-  In a study at Boston College, people in a room with a TV and a computer switched their eyes back and forth every 14 seconds — 120 times in 27.5 minutes.”

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3.  Constantly receiving information

“According to a study conducted in 2014, mobile phone users receive an average of 63.5 alerts every day, with most viewed within minutes”

“Must click every single app with red notification button before going to bed”  



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Most Popular Media Context:


Reading Declines by Age:


Media Use Growth: 

World Population of Digital Use 2021:


Reduce Coginitive Cost 

Fragmentation can quickly allow information to reach users directly and trigger the exchange of views among users

Saves time

Fragmented information can be perceived inbetween time for work breaks; meals; commute; waiting for others; etc, These actions suits the need of people in today’s fast-paceed society.

Connects with the world 

Catch up and discover  all kind of news and sources of information to stay on track with trend & connection with customers & leisure

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Deeper Understanding

Ineffective Information Processing

Fragmented information only tells what is on the surface, but does not tell the principle behind it and its connection with other things. Long-term wise, we are accustomed to seeing the simplified information without in-depth analysis and connection between the points. As a result it weakens the ability to think about complex things.


 Every piece of information one receives is an interruption on their cognitive performance thus we are often distracted by unimportant information and interactions, wasting time, attention, and energy and producing little of value

Information Overload

Every APP pushes dozens of latest news, deals and messages within a few minutes. This leads to anxiety and difficulty in making decisions when one’s daily life is bombarded with messages, emails, pop-up news, daily headlines, etc.  The flood of information piling up on a day to day basis produces more pain than gain. 



With the advancement of science and technology, the dissemination and absorption of information continue to fragment. Moreover people's time, way of thinking and behaviour is also gradually fragmented. 






An installation of a space that receives information, aiming to reveal the constant appearance of fragmented infortation is meaningless. It attracts the audience’s attention and satisfy the audience’s curiosity.

To portray overwhelming feel with  huge amount of fragmented network information that is countless. It weakens people's desire to read the information, even if they want to, there is no way of processing and finding out the ones they are interested. 







Digital Interaction

Deeper Understanding
Digital Interaction

The experimentation is a web interaction where different fonts are implemented to enhance my idea of information overload when users type with the keyboard. Letters will eventually move to the sides and stay on screen to resemble information does not just disappear once it is conceived.

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